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Participant data

The Wiki-Solar Database lists against each project the primary technical data and the primary participants described below.

Each category has its own page, with a fuller definition of what the title means, and with the latest published global ranking of participants. Access the individual pages using the buttons below, or the menu above.


Role in solar project



The owner of the equity of the operating solar power plant; beneficial recipient of the income it generates

Project developer

The owner of the project when it is initiated. Usually responsible for initial design and consents

EPC contractor

The company primarily responsible for engineering, procurement and construction of the solar power plant

O&M contractor

The organisation primarily responsible for technical operation of the power plant after it is commissioned

Solar module supplier*

The manufacturer of the photovoltaic modules used in the power plant

Inverter supplier*

The manufacturer of the power inverters used in the solar plant


The owner of the land on which the plant is located

Power off-taker

The utility electricity company (or others) who purchase the power output from the plant

Finance provider

The bank or fund which provides any debt finance for the project (unless funded entirely through equity)

Data for individual companies


Our global and regional mapping includes placemarkers for each project listing the known key participants.

For entities which have been involved in a large number of projects worldwide, we also produce customised maps of all projects the organisation has been involved in.

Solar power project activity

We calculate the total capacity of the projects for each company, and can use this, amongst other things for showing tables of the top participants in each category shown on the left.

Multiple partners

Where several participants are listed against any project, we arbitrarily share the capacity of that project equally between themortional contribution of each partner (which would be difficult for us to validate).

* Equipment suppliers

We list only the solar module and inverter suppliers.

We understand that other equipment, such as the transformers and mounting structures for example, are important too. However we cannot list everything; and details of suppliers beyond the solar modules and inverters are rarely published.

Participant data

Most of the 2,000 entries in the Wiki-Solar Database list some or all of the participating entities

Participants shown on  placemarker in Wiki-Solar maps