The power conditioning device which converts the DC produced by the solar panels into AC to feed into the grid

Solar park at Reckahn in Germany, where SMA inverters are used

Leading utility-scale solar inverter producers

The most recently published list of inverter suppliers is shown below. It is likely that each supplier shown has delivered far more than this list indicates, because the identity of the inverter supplier is not frequently published - see notes below the table and on the right.

Inverters - a key sub-system

We list the supplier of the inverter because it is a crucial subsystem, not just for converting DC to AC, but often also for 'power tracking' to hold the solar arrays close to their peak power point.

Many suppliers now produce inverters specifically for the solar market.

The EPC contractor will normally select the supplier and procure the inverters.

Basis of the data used

The data used for the analysis and the table on the left is derived from operating projects of 4MWAC+ on the Wiki-Solar Database, according to these criteria.

The inverter manufacturer is known for some, but only a minority, of the projects on Wiki-Solar's database. Therefore, as noted below the table some figures will be under-stated. However, several of the leading participants confirm details of their portfolio to Wiki-Solar (and you can too - see the left of this page).

Some suppliers in this list also fulfil other roles in utility-scale projects, as EPC contractors for example. The figures quoted here apply only to their inverter supplies. Where companies have maps, however, these will show all their projects.