Country data

All 2,000 entries in the Wiki-Solar Database have a country and exact or approximate location

Deployment of utility-scale solar power by country

Each project in the Wiki-Solar Database is listed in a specified country and we can therefore map projects and analyse and benchmark the characteristics on a country by country basis. The table below ranks countries based on their deployment of solar power plants of 4-MWAC and over. Click here to see figures by continent.

We prepare overviews showing the key data in markets of your choice, as described here.

Latest capacity table

Capacity growth continues rapidly having broken through 100 GW early in 2017 and 500 GW in 2023.

The latest list of leading countries is as follows:

Country maps

Most top-ranking countries have their own map - use the pull-down menu under country maps or click any hyperlinks on this page.

Some historical highlights

... newest to oldest

Mid 2023

Cumulative global capacity tops ½ TWac

End 2018

Cumulative global capacity reaches 180GWac

End 2017

World capacity exceeds 140 GWac

Q1 2017

Capacity passes 100 GWac

End 2015

World capacity tops 60 GWac

End 2014

Cumulative capacity reaches 36 GWac

End 2013

Cumulative capacity exceeds 21 GWac

Q4 2013

USA becomes top market - breaks 5 GWac

Q3 2013

USA reaches 3GWac of capacity

H1 2013

China becomes first country to reach 3GWac of capacity

Q4 2012

US becomes #2 market behind Germany

2011 - 12

Germany leading market for total and utility-scale PV deployment

2007 - 08

Spanish boom under generous feed-in tariffs

2003 - 04

First utility-scale projects under feed-in tariffs in Germany


First 5MW+ project in Carissa Plain, USA, also by Arco


First MW+ project by Arco in Lugo, California, USA