Networking service

Because we hold the most comprehensive database of global utility-scale solar power plant we are often contacted to help participants find suitable partners or buy or sell assets.

Our partner-finding service

This service, enables participants to find suitable partners for the development or operation of utility-scale solar power plants.

We do this by providing lists of organisations with a track-record in your selected market(s) of interest. Depending on the type of counter-party you are looking for, you can select any of the participation categories listed on the right.

The lists include the following details of each prospective counterparty:

  • Name
  • Parent company or status (where appropriate)
  • Country of origin
  • Number of plants and total installed utility-scale solar capacity in the selected market
  • List of completed utility-scale plants in the selected market
  • Total number and capacity of utility-scale projects under development in the selected market
  • List of utility-scale plants under development in the selected market
  • Website address (where known)

To conform with legislation and our data protection registration, we do not provide the names or contact details for individuals in any organisation.Outdated sample reports are shown here and here.

Prices and online ordering

Our fee for the service depends on how extensive you want the lists to be. A report in PDF format is delivered for the prices shown below; there is a small additional charge if you also want a spreadsheet version in XLS.

To place your order, use the button appropriate to the list size you want. Above the button select the  format (PDF only or PDF and XLS), and the category (see list on the right) from the drop-down menu. Type the name of the country or region you want. Then press the 'Order Partner List' button.

If you want lists for more than one category and/or more than one country/region, repeat the above process and press the 'Order Partner List' button again.

Report format
Partner Category

Prospective counter-parties in

Top-5 country

Select: China, USA, India, UK or Germany

Prospective counter-parties in

Other major country

with a map in the 'Country' pull-down menu here

Report format
Partner Category
Country or region

Prospective counter-parties in

Other country

without a map in the 'Country' pull-down menu here

Report format
Partner Category
Country or region

The report will be sent to the email address given with your payment.

You can add further comments or requirements in a comment box on the payment page.

If you have a large order and want to pay by bank transfer, email your requirements to us.

The general notes about reports based on our data shown on this page apply to these partner lists.

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Participation categories

We can offer lists against any of these roles:

  • Plant owners / Independent power producers
  • Project developers
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction
  • Power off-takers
  • Land / site owners
  • Solar module suppliers
  • Inverter suppliers
  • Non-equity finance providers
  • Operation and Maintenance contractors

Please remember that Wiki-Solar does not have full details of every participant in every project, so these reports will usually not cover the entire installed capacity existing in the relevant region.

Order management

You can order multiple lists as described above the buttons on the left. You can also order market overviews or comprehensive market reports at the same time.

At any stage you can press the button above to check and edit anything on your order - and to submit it when you are ready.

Report preparation and delivery

For information on how our reports are compiled and delivered see the bottom of this page.

The general notes about reports based on our data shown on this page apply to these project lists.

Updating service

You can also order annual / quarterly updates of your reports, as described here.