Utility-scale solar

The cut-off point is not easy to set. Here's how we have done it, and why

Westcott Solar Park at 1.2MWp would not qualify as 'utility-scale', despite being one of the longest in Europe

What do we mean by utility-scale?

We define utility-scale solar as projects with a rated output capacity of 4 MWac and above, as noted here.

How we reached this definition

The rationale for adopting this threshold is described in the paper on the left.

Pre 2014

Wiki-solar originally adopted a threshold of 10 MWp.

Legislation changes in some markets created a case for redefining the threshold, so we published this paper and sought the views of experts within the industry in a consultation during the second half of 2013.

The impact of change was assessed in this release.

As a result, we revised the threshold at the end of 2013, as described in this paper.

Post 2014

This threshold applies (unless stated otherwise) in all our publications from 2014 onwards.