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For lists of the key project participants in the world's main utility-scale solar markets:

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For a list of projects in a given region:

For overviews of the projects, participants and system design issues in any world market for utility-scale solar power:

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We also offer an annual / quarterly updating service as described here.

How you can use our information to enhance your business

Wiki-Solar makes much of the information produced from its extensive database available on an open source basis, particularly through the mapping and data analysis activities.

But if you are active developing or operating utility-scale solar power plant, you may want to 'drill down' for more specific data or contacts. We provide customised information for individual applicants including:

A networking service for existing and prospective  participants to identify potential partners in any world market for utility-scale solar

Project listings showing all the plants on the Wiki-Solar Database within a given country or province/state

Market overviews of the utility scale solar power sector in continents, countries or regions of your choice

Commercial terms

These customised services are undertaken on a chargeable basis to reflect the value of the information and the resources required to make it available.

In this capacity the work is undertaken by our parent organisation WolfeWare Limited trading as Wiki-Solar. Payments will be made to WolfeWare as shown on this page.

How the reports are compiled

Reports are individually compiled for each order and are for the exclusive use of the purchaser. They must to be disseminated to any third parties. To allow time for appropriate checking and quality assurance, there may be a delay of typically three working days between order placement and delivery.

The reports are compiled using the extensive Wiki-Solar Database, also used to produce these maps. Please remember that the Database may not have full details of every aspect of and every participant in every project, so these reports may not cover the entire installed capacity existing in the relevant region.

Further details on the way in which the data is processed for our reports are given here.

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The Wiki-Solar Database holds a wealth of information that could leverage your business expertise