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Wiki-Solar Database

Maps and analysis are based on our database of more than 2,000 utility-scale solar projects - the world's most comprehensive.

The Wiki-Solar Database

World's most comprehensive repository of utility-scale solar data

We hold information on most of the utility-scale solar photovoltaic power plants in operation around the world and many of those under development, where they meet our criteria.

As described here, the database holds a broad range of geographical and technical data about the projects, and lists their major participants.

This major resource forms the basis for:

Mapping plants both operational and under development

Assessing the geographical deployment

Tracking the major participants in the industry

Analysing the relative performance of plant around the world

Providing custom data to participants in the sector

Database highlights

In late 2019 our database of some12,000 projects represented well over 400 GWAC of solar generating capacity worldwide.

Just over half of this capacity was made up by some 8,500 operational plants. The balance was in projects under construction or development.