O&M contractor

The entity responsible for maintaining the plant when it is operation and optimising output

The Lopburi solar plant in Thailand. Sharp, which was part of the original EPC construction team, has been appointed O&M contractor

Leading Operations & Maintenance contractors

Here is the latest list of top O&M contractors. See maps of the projects of some of these companies using the blue 'Map' hyperlinks in this list.

What is an O&M contractor?

The Operations and Maintenance contractor is appointed by the owner to oversee the technical operation of the plant.

This includes routine maintenance and cleaning, and whatever unscheduled fault finding may be required in order to optimise the output of the installation.

Because the EPC contractor has been responsible for the detailed design and construction, it is often the party best able to continue into the operational phase, and many EPC contractors go on to under-take the operation and maintenance role. Addition-ally a number of specialist independent O&M contractors have emerged

Depending on the size and complexity of the project the O&M role may require permanent onsite staff; or may be fulfilled remotely with periodic site visits.

Basis of the data used

The data used for the analysis and the table on the left is derived from operating projects of 4MWAC+ on the Wiki-Solar Database, according to these criteria.

The O&Mcontractor is known for some, but not all, of the projects on Wiki-Solar's database. Therefore, as noted below the table some figures will be under-stated. However, several of the leading participants confirm details of their portfolio to Wiki-Solar (and you can too - see the left of this page).

Some contractors listed also fulfil other roles in utility-scale projects, and many are also EPC contractors. Any figures quoted here apply only to their O&M activities. Where companies have maps, however, these will show all their projects.