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Wiki-Solar reports

Our overviews summarise the utility-scale solar power projects in our comprehensive database

Fig 3b: Installed capacity by province

Wiki-Solar market overviews - further notes for users

The numbers, capacities and any listings of projects are based on the data on the Wiki-Solar Database at the time the report was produced. The notes at the bottom of the report will detail what size cutoff has been used (usually based on the definitions here).

The website address for the listed participant is shown where we have this on record.

We do not list contact personnel for participant organisations, because our data protection policy and registration prevent us from making this data publicly available. Many organisations' personnel are in liaison with Wiki-Solar to provide updated site data or notify us of new plants, but these individuals will not necessarily be those that prospective partners would wish to contact.

The country listed against each participant is that where their head office is located. It is not necessarily where they conduct the majority of their business. The project lists for the top participants are typically listed in order of the country where they are sited.

See also the terms and conditions on the right.

To obtain further details of listed projects:

Further details of projects are given in the placemarkers on the projects shown in our maps.

If you have trouble locating a project in the maps:

You can obtain here a special version of the world map with an alphabetical listing down the left hand margin. Click on the relevant project name, and you will be directed straight to the relevant project.

This uses the Google mapping facilities, which sometimes have trouble displaying the entire index (truncating part way through the alphabet). If you have trouble finding the project you are looking for, please email us.

What reports are available?

We produce the following types of report, based on the extensive data on the global deplyment of utility-scale solar power generation in the Wiki-Solar Database.

Comprehensive reports on selected countries

Overviews of any country or continent

Lists of the major participants active in your chosen sector

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Market view terms & conditions

Please note that our report(s) have been prepared expressly for you, based on your specific require-ments. They should not be copied or distributed to third parties without our express consent.

All reports are based on the projects listed on the Wiki-Solar Database at the time the report was produced. More projects are being added continuously, and projects are occasionally removed if they are found to be duplicates of others, or become cancelled.

Reports are delivered E&OE and we do not warrant that they are complete, or that listed organisations will be suitable counter-parties for other projects.